Mr. Thameur TRIKI, International Business Development Consultant OCTOSTOP

OCTOSTOP wishes to inform its business partners, distributors and customers that its Consultant International Business Development, Thameur TRIKI will be traveling to New Delhi and Mumbai, India where he will stay from May 8th to May 26th.

The main goals of his trip to India are to explore new business opportunities and to develop mutually profitable and beneficial business relationships with Indian deciders from the medical public sector, radiologist associations, radiology equipment providers as well as from private medical institutions and clinics.

Thameur TRIKI holds a MBA (Master of Business Administration) in International Management in the domain of Higher Commercial Studies.   He has extended knowledge of International Trade, International Marketing, Market Research and International Economics to name only a few.

Thameur’s mother’s tongue is Arabic and is also fluent in English and French.

Having said that, should there be any potential customer or business partner interested in meeting Mr. TRIKI during his stay in India, he or she is invited to contact OCTOSTOP’s Communications’ manager, Gilles Dubien at +1 450 978-9805 or at his e-Mail address Mr. Triki  can also be reached directly through his e-Mail address at