Arm Ridges ®

BR-01 Arm Ridges


  • Three tailored silicone rubber filters eliminate halation over a 15-cm width, down to the fingers; subtraction is thus facilitated.
  • The arm lies comfortably on a wood board slipped under the shoulder.
  • The table is rotated (or a stretcher is used) to position the extremity along the path of the X-rays.
  • Supplied Velcro® straps and ridges provide excellent immobilization.


Caution : Arm Ridges® must be used only by qualified personnel, according to appropriate procedures, and under the responsibility of a physician.  OCTOSTOP® Inc. and its personnel do not assume any liability regarding the use, indications, consequences, or any situation directly or indirectly related to its products and their usage.


  • MATERIAL : silicone rubber
  • ABSORPTION : twice that of water
  • WEDGE : approx. 30° and 60°
  • COMPONENTS : three (3) L x W x H in cm
  • 2 X RIDGES, each : 62.3 x 6.5 to 7.5 x 5 to 2.5
  • 1 X SPLIT GENTLE SLOPE for the hand 14 x 16 x 2
  • OPAQUE RULER : 30 cm in one RIDGE
  • RADIO TRANSLUCENT WOOD BOARD : 100 x 16.25 x 1.25
  • VELCRO® STRAPS : two 5 X 30
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 3.3 kg


  • The diaphragms are easier to adjust along the surface of the arm.
  • For right and left sides.
  • Localization and measurements of lesions with incorporated ruler.
  • Also for venography.


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